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When is an environmental permit required?
An environmental management permit shall mean an approved application for a permit for stormwater management , floodplain, landscaping, tree protection, or tree removal, as required pursuant hereto for each development project, or right-of-way placement permit, general permit, silviculture permit, or vegetative management permit, issued in lieu of an environmental management permit for development activity.

How do I obtain an environmental permit?
The permitting process differs depending on what you intend to do. If you will contact the Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management , Environmental Services Division, at 606-1300 we will be glad to arrange an appointment or discuss your project and explain the application process which applies to your project.

I plan to purchase or build a house. Can you tell me if it is in a flood zone?
The Department of Development Support and Environmental Management , located at 435 North Macomb Street, has information which may be useful in making a general determination. We will assist you in looking at the materials we have if you desire to make an appointment. However for site specific information you will probably find it necessary to consult with a professional for an on-site evaluation.

Trees are being removed in the unincorporated area of Leon County with no permits posted. Who should I call?
Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management , Environmental Services Division, (850) 606-1300.

Is a permit required to build a fish pond on my property?
Yes. Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management , Environmental Services Division, (850) 606-1300.

Will it be necessary for me to hire an engineer in order to obtain an environmental management permit?
This depends on the type of information necessary for review of your application. For a Standard Form Stormwater application, an engineer's certification is always required. For other applications such as a Short Form Stormwater application, certain information may be required by an engineer but some information may not require an engineer certificate.


What are the different types of environmental permits?

  1. Environmental Permit Short Form A (Residential)

  2. Environmental Short Form A (Non-residential)

  3. Stormwater Permit Components: (Three types)

Stormwater Short Form B - Low Intensity (SFBL):

Stormwater Short Form B - High Intensity (SFBH):

Stormwater Standard Form Permit (STD):

  1. Environmental Analysis (Two Components):

Part 1, Natural Features Inventory (NFI)

Part 2, Environmental Impact Analysis

 Landscape Permit:

For more information about Environmental Permits, please see our Process Overview which can help you find the permit you need.


What is a tree removal permit?
It is a permit which may be issued as a stand-alone permit for an individual property, but it is more frequently issued in conjunction with other environmental permits being applied for in conjunction with the development of a property.

I have trees which I would like to remove from my property. What do I need to do? Are permits required?
Tree removal permits are required for any tree having a diameter of 18 inches at 54 inches above the ground Diameter Breast Height (DBH) or greater, any tree 4 inches DBH or greater which is located in the lot perimeter zone of any development site except for sites being developed for detached single-family residential use, any tree within a Canopy Road Tree Protection Zone, any tree planted to meet the requirements of the County's environmental ordinance, any tree within a wetland, or when clearing land prior to construction of a single family home if a single family permit application has not been applied for.

There are some exemptions which may apply, for example:  removal of trees which are less than 36 inches DBH on lots upon which there is an existing single-family detached dwelling or mobile home, and they are not located within a Canopy Road Tree Protection Zone, a wetland, or a required buffer, preservation, or conservation easement area; trees in a tree nursery; trees in a hazardous or dangerous condition that make immediate removal necessary; removal of trees for a project which is determined to be a bona fide agricultural use; or removal of trees during or following an emergency or act of nature.

How do I obtain a permit to remove a tree?
Submit a completed application form, fee, and plan which indicates the location, species and diameter of the tree at 54 inches above the ground of trees requested for removal.   A mitigation plan may also be required (replanting schedule for example).

I would like to harvest trees on my Farm. Do I need a permit?
Yes. Approval is required for this forestry operation. Typically, it requires a completed Silviculture Operation Application along with a map which indicates the property boundaries, limits of timber harvest activities and general locations of waterbodies and watercourses. Best Management Practices as outlined in the two manuals; Best Management Practices and Management Guidelines For Forested Wetlands, must be followed during silviculture operations.