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An Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) addresses the specific environmental impacts of any proposed development activity. Environmental impacts are regulated under Leon County Code and include such things as stormwater runoff, tree removal and land clearing, grade changes, and paving. Other development issues such as landscaping requirements and buffer requirements are also included in the EIA.

The EIA is a requirement of the Development Services process. The EIA application is submitted by the applicant after the completion and approval of a NFI. The EIA is completed by a qualified professional retained by the applicant and addresses how the applicant plans to mitigate for the environmental impacts caused by a proposed development activity. The application includes a conceptual site plan which shows proposed buildings, roadways, parking areas, landscape areas, required buffers, stormwater management facilities, and all environmentally sensitive features identified during the NFI. The EIA is then reviewed by members of the Environmental Compliance staff, which include environmental engineers, landscape designers, and foresters.

Once any EIA application is received, County staff have fifteen working days to complete their review. At the end of the fifteen day review period the application will either receive approval, or the applicant will be contacted if additional information will be required.

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