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When is site and development plan review required?
Generally, the following types of development require review under Article VII (Subdivision and Site and Development Plan Regulations) of the Leon County Land Development Code:

  • Non-residential or multiple-use development (including additions to existing structures) of 1,000 gross square feet or greater, or a ten percent increase of total on-site impervious area or greater.

  • Residential development for more than two dwelling units or lots for dwellings.

  • Any residential or non-residential development that has unique location characteristics arising from proximity to existing or approved low density residential development as determined by the County Administrator or designee.

  • Any residential or non-residential development which is proposed on a site with 40 percent or more coverage by conservation or preservation areas outside the Urban Service Area (USA) or proposed development on a site inside the USA with 75% or more site coverage by conservation or preservation areas, as defined by the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Development on any lot that was created without going through Leon County's subdivision review process.

  • Any subdivision of property (note: this includes the deeding of any portion of the property apart from the entire property).

  • Changes in tenancy which require substantial modifications to the exterior of a structure or modifications to the associated parking area.

  • New or replacement communication towers.

  • Establishment of manufactured home parks.

Applicants are required to complete an application for a Permitted Use Verification (PUV) Certificate.  The PUV will determine whether the proposal is subject to review under the subdivision and site and development plan regulations of the Land Development Code.