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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Heir Policy 2.1.9

Q. What is Family Heir Policy 2.1.9?
A.  Policy 2.1.9 refers to a specific policy of the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan adopted initially in 1990 to avoid a disproportionate impact on property owners affected by the change of future land use categories and corresponding density requirements. (For more information click on the link above)

Q. Am I eligible for a Family Heir 2.1.9 subdivision?

A. Please refer to the Policy 2.1.9 Family Heir eligibility criteria.

Q. What were the changes that became effective on February 1, 2010?

A. The Leon County Commissioners amended the Comprehensive Plan and removed the Non-Family Heir provision to allow for the effective implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. These changes became effective on February 1, 2010.

Q. Why is the density so low in the Urban Fringe, Lake Talquin and Rural Future Land Use Categories?

A. The Tallahassee Leon County Comprehensive Plan was created to allow for the future growth of the region in a responsible manner. In order to do that comprehensive plan created an Urban Service Area, where the future growth of the entire region will be concentrated. The Urban Service Area allows for concentrating density where infrastructure is readily available.  The USA also allows for preserving the quality of the rural neighborhoods and reduces the need to expand infrastructure.

Q. What is the Urban Services Area (USA)?

A. The 1990 Comprehensive Plan includes a projection for where urban growth will occur in the next twenty years to serve an increasing population. This area, known as the Urban Service Area (USA), includes the portions of the City and the County which are to be developed at urban levels of density and can expect the availability of urban infrastructure and services, such as roads, mass transit, stormwater facilities, sanitary sewer, solid waste, and parks. The intent of the Urban Service Area is to 1) promote efficient and compact urban growth; 2) protect the rural character of those areas outside the USA from incompatible uses and densities; 3) assure that local government can afford to provide needed urban services to areas which we designate to receive such services; and 4) make sure that areas we designate for urban development are not "under-utilized."

Q. What is a Platted Subdivision?

A.  A platted subdivision is scaled drawing which includes the delineation of approved parcels with dimensions; often times including lots, block numbers, dimensions of streets, alleys and other common improvements that are typically associated with the development of a subdivision.  Plats filed in Leon County shall meet the subdivision and platting requirements set forth in Chapter 10 of the Leon County Code of Laws in addition to the requirements of Florida Statute Chapter 177.