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Ordinances Recently Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners

Listed below are ordinances that have been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners that are effective, but have yet to be incorporated into Chapter 10, Land Development Regulations, of the Leon County Code of Laws.  Code updates are done on an annual basis at the beginning of the calendar year.

ORD16-02:  Amending Onsite Sewage Disposal System Requirements; Repealing Sec. 18-73, Killearn Lakes Units I & II Special Development Zone
ORD16-03:  Establishing Guidelines for Dog Friendly Outdoor Dining
ORD16-04:  Driveway and Street Connection Guidelines
ORD16-07:  Establishing School Siting Standards
ORD16-11:  Amending the Rural Zoning District to Allow Outdoor Sport Shooting Ranges as a Restricted Use
ORD17-12:  Amending the Parking and Loading Surface Standards