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Mahan Corridor Summary

Outline of What the Comprehensive Plan Requires and Provides for in the Mahan Gateway Node Land Use Category


The Mahan Corridor Gateway Node Land Use Category (“MCGN”) applies only within the Mahan Drive Corridor Study area (see reference map).

 The MCGN, and implementing regulations, are intended to:

·          Protect existing residential preservation neighborhoods;
·          Create an attractive gateway into Tallahassee;
·          Preserve the scenic and residential character of a majority of the corridor through the appropriate mix and location of land uses;
·          Provide for commercial developments within designated nodes along the corridor, but prohibit strip commercial development;
·          Maximize and promote efficient use of infrastructure;
·          Create transit-ready nodes along the corridor;
·          Provide convenience to residents of the corridor and those located nearby by providing neighborhood-serving retail, service, and office businesses within walking distance; and
·          Reduce how far residents of the corridor and those located nearby must drive and to increase the ability to get to their destination by walking, riding a bike, or taking a bus.

 Allowable Land Uses, Density and Intensity

The MCGN allows:

 ·         Low to medium density residential development, from 4-16 dwelling units per acre; the specific zoning districts that will implement the MCGN will each set their own allowable density ranges within this overall range. 
·          A variety of residential use types ranging from detached single-family houses to multi-family residential structures; the specific zoning districts that will implement the MCGN will each set their own allowable types of residential structures within this overall range. 
·          Non-residential uses up to an intensity of 12,000 gross square feet per acre.  The zoning district(s) that will allow non-residential uses and mixed use will include other limitations on development intensity. 
·          Free-standing non-residential uses, and mixed-use developments; e.g., a combination of commercial/office uses and residential uses.
·          Community facilities related to residential uses; e.g., religious facilities, libraries, police/fire stations, elementary and middle schools and public community facilities needed to support development in the corridor.
·          Development rights to be transferred from properties dedicated to Leon County, for public community facilities.

 The MCGN specifies:

·          That mixed-use development must include a residential component.
·          That the highest allowable intensity for non-residential uses be limited to those included in mixed-use development. 
·          That implementing regulations must specify the appropriate percentage range of residential use within a mixed use development.   

Implementation Through Zoning Districts

The MCGN will be implemented through zoning districts. 

 ·          The MCGN will include at least one mixed-use zoning district allowing for medium density residential uses, non-residential uses, and combinations of these uses.

 The mixed-use zoning district(s) shall:

 ·          Be located only: 1) in the area and properties designated as Residential Corridor Node (Future Land Use Map Amendment 2005-2-M-015) east of Highland Drive and on the south side of Mahan Drive; and 2) in the core area of each designated node, immediately surrounding the intersections of Mahan Drive and the following streets: Dempsey Mayo Road, Edenfield Road, Highland Drive and Thornton Road. 
·          Have frontage on Mahan Drive and be limited in its extent along Mahan Drive, and depth, from Mahan Drive. 
·          Establish limits for the location of non-residential structures along Dempsey Mayo Road, Edenfield Road, Highland Drive and Thornton Road.
·          Limit the allowable locations for mixed-use zoning district(s) so that properties not designated Residential Corridor Node, as January 30, 2009, can not be redesignated or rezoned to allow the mixed-use zoning district(s) to abut areas designated Residential Preservation on the Future Land Use Map. [Provides an exception for with community facility uses abutting the Residential Preservation designation].
·          Specify criteria for access management, including, if necessary, the development of an access management plan.
·          To the extent feasible, practical and safe, limit access to Mahan Drive, Dempsey Mayo Road, Edenfield Road, Highland Drive and Thornton Road, to one access driveway per node quadrant.
·          Allow alternative temporary access until the desired interconnectivity for each node quadrant is achieved.
·          Provide incentives, including allowing the maximum development density (16 dwelling units per acre) and intensity (12,000 gross square feet per acre), to encourage the assembly of property and multiple-property master planning.

·          The MCGN will include at least one residential zoning district.

The residential zoning district(s) shall:

·          Develop primarily with residential uses.
·          Function as a transition area between the higher intensity/density uses allowed in the mixed-use zoning district(s) and the surrounding Residential Preservation areas.
·          Provide for community facilities and other neighborhood-related uses.

Other Implementing Land Development Regulations

The land development regulations shall include the following provisions:

 ·          Residential density ranges to ensure compatibility with existing residential developments and other gateway development criteria.
·          Standards addressing design elements, which may include but are not limited to: roofs, building scale, exterior building materials, building setbacks and height, fenestration/window glazing, buffering, landscaping, solid waste disposal, parking, lighting, transit oriented development, and signs.