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Download Applications

If you know which forms you need you may download them all from this page. If you are not sure which permits you need, please see our process overview which will help you determine which forms to download.

These forms are available in PDF format and are interactive, which will enable you to type directly into the form on the screen.  After completion, please print the form and sign prior to submittal. You will require Adobe Acrobat to view these files, which is available free


Now available for your convenience:  electronic document recording.
Ask a Service Advisor about this time saving option.


Building Applications

Environmental Site Clearing Information
Environmental Site Clearing Affidavit

Single Family Home Permitting Information Packet

Mobile Home and Standard Design Manufactured Home Permitting Information Packet

Residential Design Manufactured Home Permitting Information Packet

Generator Permitting Requirements 

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Environmental Applications

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Development Services Applications

Abandoned Property Registration

       Amended Distressed or Abandoned Property Registration Ordinance Notice
       Amended Distressed or Abandoned Property Ordinance
       Distressed or Abandoned Property Registration FAQs
       Distressed or Abandoned Property Registration Application 
       Distressed or Abandoned Property Affidavit 

Compliance Certification Letter Fee

    Compliance Certification Letter Fee Notice
    Compliance Certification Letter Fee Resolution
    Compliance Certification Letter Fee FAQ's
    Compliance Certification Letter Request Form

Insurance Affidavit
     Leon County Affidavit of Liability Insurance Form

Licensing Examination Board
Licensing Authorized Agent Permit Form

Not sure which permit you need?

Our Process Overview can provide you with the correct permits. 
If you are unable to download these files, they are all available from our main office.

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