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Your Source on Our Most Vital Resource

Visit Leon County’s one-stop water resources website to:

  • See important and timely health advisories such as fish kills, algal blooms, and boil water notices;
  • Learn about the health of our County’s many precious water bodies and the actions of our County team to preserve them;
  • Review regulations in place that protect our water bodies from harmful development; and
  • Discover ways to reduce personal pollution affecting our water quality.


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From the largest lake to the smallest drop, Leon County is committed to protecting our precious water bodies.


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Water Quality Monitoring


Leon County's water quality monitoring program includes quarterly water quality sampling and annual sediment and biological assessments of 13 lakes, 27 streams and 2 river systems for a total of 73 stations. Learn more.


 Boat Landings, Fishing and Camping


Leon County Parks and Recreation maintains 23 boat landings throughout the county. Landings are located on Lake Miccosukee, Lake Carr, Lake Talquin, Lake Jackson, Lake Iamonia and the Ochlocknee River and can be viewed on the map by clicking here. Learn more.


Personal Pollution


There are many actions you can take to help prevent runoff and other types of pollution. Check out our list of tips.


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Our County water bodies are an integral part of our community fabric and history. In continuing the County's commitment to environmental stewardship, this one-stop water resources website answers the most common and important questions about local water bodies, describes the regulations in place to protect water bodies from harmful development, and educates the public on strategies to reduce personal pollution impacting water bodies. Visit to learn more.


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