Commissioner Bryan Desloge Testifies Before Newly Created Bipartisan Task Force in Washington, D.C.

Friday, June 23, 2017 | 


Commissioner Bryan Desloge Testifies Before Newly Created Bipartisan Task Force in Washington, D.C.
Leon County Commissioner and National Association of Counties (NACo) Bryan Desloge testified on Thursday, June 22 before a new bipartisan task force on intergovernmental relations created by Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Desloge’s testimony underscored that all federal policy decisions impact state and local governments. Joined by representatives from the National Governors Association, the National League of Cities, and the Council of State Governments, the witnesses reinforced that strong partnerships at the federal, state, and local levels ensure all governments are working toward common goals.

“Leon County and the more than 3,000 other counties throughout the nation play a vital role in the success of our country,” said Leon County Commissioner and NACo President Bryan Desloge. “As local governments, we hope this task force will provide us with a valuable avenue for sharing with the federal government our transformational and noteworthy practices in areas including economic competitiveness, health, public safety, infrastructure, disaster preparedness and much more.”

Desloge’s testimony described the history of county government, the important role counties play in a wide range of public infrastructure and human services, and the fiscal challenges on the horizon.

Desloge was elected President of the National Association of Counties in July 2016 and has made it his mission initiative to identify and disseminate the most compelling county policies and programs around the country that are making a difference in residents’ lives.

As President, Desloge serves on the NACo Executive Committee and represents more than 3,000 counties across the nation.

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