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Delivering the Factor
in Customer Service

Public Works, Operations

“I would like to say thank you for the prompt response to an issue my husband and I had with our property. We have a drainage ditch that keeps eroding in our front yard. I sent in a request a couple of weeks ago through the website to ask for someone to come and rebuild it. I am happy to say that someone from the county has already been there and fixed it!”

— Paul and Jan

Animal Control

“I would like to recognize [the animal control officer] for the outstanding way she handled all aspects of the case...”

— John and Pam


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the service provided to me and my family... I don't know what else we can ask for as constituents.”

— Chapin

Public Works, Operations

“From my experience with your office, the mission of serving county residents appears to be embraced by all within your organization.”

— Jerry

Volunteer Services

“They provided exemplary help and guidance to me when I was working on a presentation that I was asked to give in Broward County.”

— Sharon

Public Works, Stormwater

“WOW. We really appreciate the great service we received.”

— Bill

Human Resources

“...could not have been any more helpful or kind in assisting me with the application process.”

— Phil

Public Works, Operations

“We would like to thank you...for providing assistance with the flooding problem we had. Everyone went out of their way to see that this problem was taken care of and we deeply appreciate it.”

— Katherine & Raymond


“Please allow me to reiterate how well served I feel by the human beings at the County...”

— Chapin

Parks & Recreation

“My family hikes, bikes and runs along the trail system. After returning home from an energizing hike with my slightly hyper-active dog this morning, I thought it would be timely to say ‘thank you’ to the county for this amazing resource. Please know that it is appreciated by numerous residents and visitors alike.”

— Georgia (a Leon County resident and admirer of Miccosukee Greenway)

Veteran Services

“Without this service and the dedicated and determined approach...I do not feel that I would have been successful in dealing with the National Office of Veteran Affairs to acquire the benefits my mother qualified for and needed in such a timely manner.”

— Ronnie

Animal Control

“[The animal control officer] was lovely to work with during our night ops, thanks to her positive attitude and great sense of humor. Though it was our first meeting, she was very easy to get along with and made a point of telling my intake team that they were doing a great job every time she dropped off cats. During the long, slow nights of trapping, her personality was very much a bright spot.”

— Lisa (a consultant with the ASPCA)

Management Information Systems

“It's great to know that all of you working for Leon County consider outside input an important thing, even if it's just from one citizen. Thanks for fixing these small problems quickly and thanks for allowing me to help.”

— Joel (a user of Leon County's Website)

Solid Waste

“I have been impressed with the efficiency of the gentleman at the scale house and the skill of the operator of the front-end loader. I really appreciate the great service I received and want to share that with you.”

— Charlie

County Administration

“Thank you for your prompt response and attention to my request. You represent how government should interact with its citizenry.”

— Nathaniel

Solid Waste

“Please relay to [your employee] my gratitude, and to all of your office for being so thorough, while showing courtesy throughout the process.”

— Michael


“I wanted to say thank you for your help during my probation. I appreciate your good advice and guidance. I appreciate your professionalism. I never got the impression that I was not receiving your respect. I never felt I was being singled out and treated less than fairly. Faced with your caseload and the challenges I'm sure you face with some of your clients, that is quite an achievement.”

— Rob

Public Works, Engineering Services

“They patiently listened to our concerns and painstakingly answered each question asked, providing documentation and charts where needed. They not only met our expectations, but exceeded them! The work was done in a timely manner (ahead of schedule I believe) and the finished job left things looking better than when the work began!”

— John

Public Works and Development Support & Environmental Management

“We are lucky in Tallahassee to have such dedicated and courteous public servants.”

— Paula

Animal Control

“...he did a wonderful job talking with the public about dog care. He even collected up a loose dog someone reported roaming on the site and held onto it the entire time.” “...He represented LCAC (Leon County Animal Control) magnificently and was a huge help to all who were so concerned about getting the big dog back home.”

— Jan

Animal Control

“Thank you for your quick response to my concern. It is refreshing to know that there are people like yourself working for us.”

— Karol

Housing Services

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and assistance in getting me in my new home. I love it so much and couldn't be happier.”

— Courtney