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Raymond Tucker, Golden Pheasant & Windwood Hills Drainage Project



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  • Replace existing double cross drain on Raymond Tucker Road with a new elliptical cross drain. Clean and reshape ditches on Raymond Tucker Road.
  • Replace existing cross drains on Golden Pheasant Drive with a simple span bridge.
  • Replace existing cross drains on Windwood Way with a simple span bridge.
  • Replace existing cross drains on Weeping Willow Way with a simple span bridge.

Following Tropical Storm Fay the Raymond Tucker Road, Golden Pheasant Drive, Windwood Way and Weeping Willow Way was identified during the January 29, 2009 Workshop to address the need for Transportation and/or Stormwater projects to mitigate or alleviate community impacts during and after major storm events. As a result of the Workshop, later ratified during a regular Leon County Board session several projects were identified one being the Raymond Tucker Road Project. 

Phase I of the project developed the stormwater model for the contributing area. The model was calibrated using Tropical Storm Fay data that was obtained using first hand accounts, photo graphic data and rain gauge data.  

Phase II of the project is the design and construction. This Phase uses the stormwater model developed in Phase I to determine the cross drain openings to maintain flow levels below roadway elevations during the design storm event.



Raymond Tucker, Golden Pheasant, Windwood Hills Drainage Project Phase II - Public Meeting

Public Meeting Presentation

WHEN: Thursday July 17, 2014 at 6:00pm

WHERE: Dorothy Cooper Pence Community Center

                 4768 Chaires Road, Tallahassee Fl.



Chris Muehlemann, P.E.

Leon County Department of Public Works

2280 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee, FL 32308


Phone: (850)606-1536