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Lawndale Road Drainage Improvement


The existing drainage ditch west of Lawndale Road between Sugar Mill Subdivision and Sedgefield Subdivision overtops during major storm events and causes flooding. The overtopping occurs generally within the area of Lawndale Road between Lansdowne Road and Sugar Mill Road. Floodwaters are then conveyed through the Sedgefield Subdivision towards Buck Lake Road.

The cause of the drainage ditch overtopping is due to the high water elevation of the wetland which surcharges the roadside ditch of Buck Lake Road. Therefore the stormwater pond for Sugar Mill Subdivision can not discharge stormwater. In effect the high water elevation from the wetland causes the Sugar Mill stormwater facility to discharge by overtopping the drainage ditch.

Flooding in the area described above can be characterized as severe yard flooding. The lack of adequate discharge conveyance also results in flooding of Buck Lake Road between the wetland and the Sugar Mill stormwater facility for short periods of time during major storm events.


The proposed improvements consists of construction of a new storm drain system (1,500 FT of 42” RCP pipe) to be installed along north side of Buck Lake Road. The proposed pipe will provide adequate conveyance of runoff from the area between the wetland and the Sugar Mill stormwater facility eastward to an existing stormwater facility maintained by Leon County.

Additionally a new cross drain (200 FT of 30” RCP pipe) is proposed under Buck Lake Road to relieve the surcharged condition of the north roadside ditch along Buck Lake Road at this location. This cross drain will convey a portion of the runoff to the roadside ditch along the south side of Buck Lake Road.

Project Overview:


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Project Update
The project was completed and accepted on June 6, 2012

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