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Killearn Acres Middle Basin Drainage Improvements


The Killearn Acres Middle Basin Drainage Improvements project is one of the Transportation and Stormwater Capital Improvements Projects identified and approved by the Board in late January 2009 after Tropical Storm Fay.

During Tropical Storm Fay homes on the west side of Forward Pass Trail between Whirlaway Trail and Pimlico Drive experienced yard and structural flooding. The main cause of the flooding was the inadequate channel conveyance system that moves stormwater runoff along Forward Pass Trail to Lake Kanturk.

The Killearn Acres Middle Basin Drainage Improvements will hydraulically connect the Killearn Acres Upper and Lower Basin drainage improvements constructed by the County in 2009.

Killearn Acres Flooding 


The proposed improvements consist of installing a 38-inch by 60-inch elliptical reinforced concrete pipe and improving the channel by re-grading and lining the bottom with reinforced concrete ditch pavement.

The stormwater that currently comes down the channel behind the homes on the west side of Forward Pass Trail will be directed underground to a new pipe system that will convey the water under Forward Pass Trail and into the improved concrete channel. The channel will direct the water south to Lake Kanturk.

Overall, this project will improve the stormwater conveyance system along Forward Pass Trail and reduce flood stages for residences.

Proposed Improvement 


Open House-Project Design Update
Date: February 10, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Place: W.J. Montford III Middle School, Media Center
          5798 Pimlico Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32309


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