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Committee Listings

Adjustment and Appeals Board
Responsible for determining appeals of code-related (Land Development Regulations) interpretations and granting variances to the provisions of the LDRs based on documented hardship.

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
Review the established policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and adopted local government comprehensive plan and shall recommend specific actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing.

Animal Shelter Advisory Board
The Board is a citizens board in support of Tallahassee-Leon County Animal Services Center.

Architectural Review Board
Reviews and make recommendations on listing of properties on the Local Register Historic Places and review changes to the exterior of properties zoned Historic Preservation, and issues Certificates of Appropriateness.

Audit Advisory Committee
Promote, maintain, and enhance the independence and objectivity of the internal audit function by ensuring broad audit coverage, adequate consideration of audit reports, and appropriate action on recommendations.

Big Bend Health Council, Inc.
Provide for local representation in planning and evaluating health needs of a regional 14-county service district.

Canopy Roads Citizens Committee
Standing committee that will make recommendations to the City and County Commissions on matters related to Canopy Road preservation.

Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency Advisory Committee (CRTPA)
Make recommendations to the CRTPA Board regarding the needs of users of all modes of transportation, including bicycle/pedestrian and transit.

Code Enforcement Board
Conduct hearings on cases involving violations of environmental, zoning, building and junk ordinances and enter orders to enforce County laws.

Commission on the Status of Women & Girls
Considers input and promotes awareness in the matter of the status of women and girls in the community regarding discrimination, employment, education, social services, health, etc.

Community Development Block Grant Citizen’s Advisory
Assist with CDBG program planning, implementation, assessment and oversight and counsel and advise the Leon County Housing Program.

Community Health Coordinating Committee
Provides a forum for citizen participation in health care planning and dialogue to address community concerns and problems regarding health care.

Contractors Licensing and Examination Board
Accept and approves applications, including Administers Examinations for contractors licenses and issues contractors licenses.

Council on Culture & Arts
Coordinate and disseminate information regarding cultural events and opportunities.

Cultural Plan Review Committee (Ad hoc)
Responsible for developing an update of the current Tallahassee-Leon Cultural Plan and provide recommendations to the City of Tallahassee Commission and the Leon County Board of County Commissioners on modifications to the Plan objectives.

Development Support and Environmental Management Citizens User Group
Provide Board recommendations regarding proposed ordinances that impact growth management and other issues pertaining to current planning, development review, and environmental compliance.

Educational Facilities Authority
Assist institutions for higher education in construction, financing, and refinancing of projects.

Enterprise Development Zone Agency (EDZA) Board of Commissioners
Review, process and certify applications for state enterprise zone tax incentives and provide assistance to businesses and residents within EZ.

Housing Finance Authority
Encourage investment by private enterprise and stimulates construction and rehabilitation of housing through use of public financing.

Human Services Grants Review Committee
Evaluate human service funding requests during regular budget cycle and make recommendations to the Board.

Joint City/County Bicycle Working Group
Provide recommendations regarding proposed cycling-related projects, improvements, events, and ordinances that are considered to be of community interest and for the betterment of the Tallahassee-Leon County community.

Joint City/County/School Board Coordinating Committee
Fosters the coordination of comprehensive planning and school facilities planning programs.

Library Advisory Board
Serve as a forum for community input concerning library programs and activities and as a liaison and advocate of the library.

Palmer Monroe Teen Center Community Board of Trustees
Provide strategic direction, guidance, policies, and procedures to allow the Palmer Monroe Community Center to be used as a Restorative Justice and Youth Activities Center.

Planning Commission
Act as advisory committee to City and County commissions seeking its advice and assistance in comprehensive planning and development in the Tallahassee area.

Research and Development Authority
Created for the purpose of planning and financing capital projects in the form of research and development parks to encourage local economic development.

Science Advisory Committee
Evaluate scientific evidence and report findings and recommendations pertaining to environmental issues.

Tallahassee Sports Council
Develops a staff recommendation regarding sports tourism-related matters to be considered by the Tourist Development Council.

Tourist Development Council
Develop plans for tourist development; make recommendations for operation of special projects or for uses of tax revenue; Reviews expenditures of revenue from development trust fund.

Water Resources Committee
Address community-wide concerns such as flooding, recreational and community economic value, watershed management and funding priorities.

Workforce Plus (Capital Source Capital Region)
Provide for enhanced coordination, cooperation, collaboration, and outcomes, by and between several entities, both public and private, which are involved at the local level in providing youth and adults with opportunities to develop and continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills in order to advance economically and socially.