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2010 Charter Review Committee

The Leon County Charter requires that the Leon County Board of County Commissioners appoint a Citizen Charter Review Committee (Committee) at least 12 months prior to the general election occurring every eight years. The Citizen Charter Review Committee is charged with reviewing the County Charter and proposing any amendments or revisions for placement on the 2010 General Election Ballot.

On October 13, 2009, the Board of County Commissioners appointed 15 Leon County residents to serve on the first Committee. For five months, the Committee met to review and evaluate the County Charter.  In the process, they held 14 meetings where citizen input assisted in identifying issues that would strengthen the County Charter.  The Committee placed a high emphasis on public participation by providing access through its website, media releases, email, and broadcast of its meeting on the Comcast Channel 16.

On November 2, 2010, the citizens of Leon County will vote on six charter amendments that have been proposed by the Committee.  In order to ensure that the public is aware of the proposed amendments, an informational booklet of the Charter amendments has been prepared that includes the language that will appear on the 2010 General Election Ballot.  Citizens are encouraged to view the proposed amendments so that they will be informed before entering the election booth.